Lowering Your Energy Costs

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Lowering Your Energy Costs

April 21, 2023 - 05:29
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You should never have to choose between putting food on the table and filling up your gas tank. That’s why I helped the House of Representatives pass the Lower Energy Costs Act, which will bring much-needed relief to high energy costs.

I wanted to update you on this important legislation that will increase domestic energy production, reform the permitting process, and reverse anti-energy policies that are causing pain at the pump. The Lower Energy Costs Act:

Will help lower gas prices by identifying ways to increase our refining capacity in the United States.
Stops the phasing out of gasoline and internal combustion engines, which forces America to be dependent on dirty supply chains that are controlled by the Chinese Communist Party.
Repeals the natural gas tax.
Helps eliminate Communist China’s influence in America’s energy supply chains and strengthens our capacity to develop critical materials here at home.
I also cosponsored the bipartisan DARE Act to protect our food security and keep farmland in the hands of farmers and out of the hands of the Chinese Communist Party and other foreign adversaries.

America produces cleaner and better energy than anywhere else in the world, and relying on hostile foreign countries with little to no environmental standards means more CO2 in the atmosphere and more pollution in our air. I was proud to support this bill that is good for American energy and for American consumers.

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America is teetering on collapse, we need these policies in place now.

One more critical thing we need now is 100 nuclear power plants built now, and let's get moving!
The second thing is we need two or three refineries built now.
The third thing is a massive pipeline system that can distribute Crude oil, refined oil, and natural gas.

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