Largest Imbalance of Any Budget on Record

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Largest Imbalance of Any Budget on Record

March 11, 2023 - 21:36
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The Wisconsin Policy Forum, a public policy research group, released its 2023-2025 Governor's Budget Brief.

According to the report, Governor Evers' budget proposal is the largest spending increase ever, exceeding revenues by nearly $5.3 billion in 2024 and $1.3 billion in 2025, resulting in the "largest imbalance of any budget on record."

"Some of the spending is one-time in nature, however, much of the new spending would indeed be ongoing and leave the state with a structural imbalance heading into the 2025-27 budget. That would make it difficult to sustain spending at the proposed levels..."

The report also says, "With a recession still at least a possibility at the national level in the coming year, lawmakers and the governor should consider ways to ensure any new spending and tax cuts are sustainable not simply in the upcoming budget, but in the following two years as well. A possible economic downturn also should be impetus to consider the appropriate level of state reserves."

"The decisions made over the next several months may well be some of the most momentous in the modern history of our state."

Governor Evers' frivolous spending is why the Legislature is going to throw out his ideas and start from scratch. Legislative Republicans will be good stewards of your tax dollars, fund the right priorities, and make responsible fiscal choices for our state. We're confident we will once again craft a good budget that the governor will sign into law.

View the full report: Wisconsin Policy Forum Budget Brief

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Trump is largely responsible for this increase in revenue, he cut taxes and stimulated everything economically, just like John Kenedy and George Bush. Trump put so many things in play we have not even begun to know the successes of Trump. Governor Walker put state government on a leash, which stopped the Cancerous spending by state, schools, and spending in general.

Please don't allow that surplus to go to people who did not contribute it, that is a violation of the 4th Ameendment.

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