La Crosse is Poised to Enact Violations of the First Amendment -- UPDATED --

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La Crosse is Poised to Enact Violations of the First Amendment -- UPDATED --

September 07, 2022 - 13:20
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--- UPDATE ---
The La Crosse City Council voted in FAVOR of violating the First Amendment.

It was truly fascinating to watch the majority of the council as they twisted and turned and performed every manner of mental and emotional gymnastics in order to rationalize and work around the FACT they were violating their OATH to uphold the Constitution of the United States.

Some claimed that it was their duty to promote the health and safety of their citizens but completely ignored that the health and safety of the citizens were not being threatened. They willfully ignored the facts that were presented in the previous weeks when it was proven to them that those claims were false. Furthermore, while they were embracing lies and deceit to justify their duty to health and safety they were willfully violating their duty to uphold the highest law of our land: the United States Constitution and the First Amendment rights of professionals who counsel troubled youth. They claim that parents and pastors still have the right to counsel these youth but what if those parents and pastors are also licensed medical professionals who are illegally singled out in this un-Constitutional ordinance?

Now begins the effort to ensure these violations of our highest law are punished. Will the guilty parties on the council face the consequences of violating the First Amendment? What price will they pay for this insurrection they have committed? How many tax payer dollars will be required to fight never ending court battles? Will the council members personally pay a price or will only the tax payers of La Crosse be squeezed for all the legal expenses that are coming? Will voters in La Crosse finally wake up and realize their leaders have chosen the cult of wokeism and discard traditional American principles? Our Constitutional Republic is in danger of being slowly destroyed by this latest cabal of neo-Marxists.

I pray that our Heavenly Father will have mercy on them and give us the strength and courage to do the right thing by continuing to stand up to their bullying as they attempt to destroy our culture.

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They have an agenda, they could not tell you anything about the Constitution that they swore to uphold. Even worse, they don't care!

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