Kind In Desparation

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Kind In Desparation

July 12, 2021 - 18:19
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It brings a smile to my face when I consider how desperate Ron Kind and his Marxist-Democrat allies have become. There seems to be a never-ending pileup of propaganda from Ron’s immoral friends who deceive readers of local papers with conspiracy theories about a so called ‘insurrection’ on January 6th. How stupid do they think we are? According to eyewitness testimony in senate hearings there wasn’t one weapons charge on January 6th but we’re supposed to believe it was a coup to overthrow the government? C’mon man!

Do they feel the same about the Marxist-Democrats who violently took over part of Seattle, forced police out, and called it an ‘autonomous zone?’ They posted a sign there that reads, ‘You are now leaving the United States.’ How is that NOT insurrection? What about the violent riots in Minneapolis, Portland, St. Louis, Milwaukee, Madison, Atlanta, or Chicago? Where is their outrage over those ‘insurrections?’

Ron Kind is in a deep panic about the next election, and he has lowered himself to working with liars in the political class. My parents taught me from an early age: pick your friends wisely because who you associate with tells the world about yourself. Ron Kind has shown us the type of person he is by collaborating with liars and cheats. The biggest question: will enough voters have the courage to send a better representative of the people to D.C? Who better represents this district? A lying politician or an honorable veteran? Choose wisely.

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Oh, yes we had one, and it was devastating part of American history! The only fact that they got wrong was, that it was not anything President Trump did, it was the democrats fueled by the media. They worked relentlessly trying destroy the Trump presidency, they made a constant barrage of lies and innuendo to keep beating down Trump and his administration. I could name a dozen democrats, and in reality most of them, who should be rounded up, charged with Treason, and dealt with as the law allows. Yes, there was an Insurrection.

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