Juneteenth 2024

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Juneteenth 2024

June 19, 2024 - 06:04
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As I type this, it is June 19th, 2024, and a great number of people across the United States are rightly celebrating Juneteenth to commemorate when the last of the slaves were finally informed of their freedom after the Civil War.

As I scroll through the digital La Crosse Tribune this morning, however, I am disappointed that not a single story discusses the true history of what it took to end slavery in America. There is only one little blurb about the U.S. Senate passing the Civil Rights act of 1964 on this date in history but even that doesn’t go into the important details about how it happened. Here are just a few facts that the Democrat Party Press are hiding from you:

  • The American slave trade was started by Southern democrats
  • The Republican Party was formed in 1854 for the purpose of ending slavery. The founders of the new political organization consisted of former members of the Whig and Free Soil political parties in addition to former Democrats who opposed their party’s aggressive defense of slavery.
  • The first Republican to win the White House, Abraham Lincoln, ran on a platform to end slavery.
  • Lincoln’s victory enraged the racist Democrats and they refused to follow the new laws enacted by Republicans.
  • Democrats, loving their evil slavery practices more than they loved our nation, seceded from the United States and formed their own confederate nation and raised an army to attack the Republican states.
  • White, Christian, Republican men from around the nation like my own ancestor, Private Robert Briggs, volunteered to put a stop to the Democrat aggression and fought to free their fellow man from bondage.
  • The 1964 Civil Rights Act would never have been possible without Republican leaders like Senator Everett Dirksen and Thomas Kuchel because Democrats like James Eastland, a mentor of Joe Biden, held a filibuster to block its passage.

Why won’t the Democrat Party press tell you those facts? The answer is found within the question: ‘Democrat Party.’ They love their Democrat power more than they love America.

The Democrat Party has always been and still remains the most destructive organization in American history. They are obsessed with dividing our nation into categories of people in a diabolical effort to control us as they seek more and more power. If you are voting for any Democrat then you are voting to support a racist, authoritarian agenda.

If you are one of the many who take part in Juneteenth celebrations then seek out a Republican friend and thank them.

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One more great piece of significant news, and as many of you know they have many people voting for Democrats, for a few reasons. They are voting for who can do more for themselves or because their parents voted that way. They may not know that JFK was the last of the real Democrat Presidents, nowadays they are socialist with a strong leaning toward Marxist tendencies.

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