Investing in Literacy

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Investing in Literacy

June 24, 2023 - 06:55
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Wisconsin is facing a literacy crisis, and our schools need help improving literacy rates. Standardized test scores in Wisconsin show that 64% of fourth-graders are not proficient in reading. Studies have shown that children who don’t learn to read struggle later in life and are more likely to end up in prison or on welfare. This week the legislature made concrete steps towards addressing the reading crisis throughout the state of Wisconsin, passing Assembly Bill 321, the Right to Read Act.

The Right to Read Act establishes an Office of Literacy which will oversee up to 64 reading specialists who provide science-based early literacy instruction and practices to teachers about effective ways to teach reading. These specialists will also provide assessments and reading plans to four-year-old kindergarten to third-grade students who are identified as being at risk of falling behind in reading. By having specialists dedicated to literacy, we can improve reading proficiency without requiring teachers to sacrifice the time they spend teaching other topics in school.

This program will help spot reading problems sooner, and ultimately help parents and teachers get students back on track to achieving literacy and academic success.

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Our public education system spends a great deal of money on Administration and rules from Washington. Public education has tried over and over to reinvent the wheel, but they should concentrate on Basics.

In many ways, our public schools are broken. Reading, writing, math, science and even geography have been replaced by Critical Race Theory-related propaganda sessions and of course most of the dedicated teachers have been replaced by leftist woke activists who hate our country. The sad part is that we as home owners finance these failed institutions with our tax dollars. Why can't we place the portion of our property tax money that goes to the public school system into escrow accounts that support private schools that actually teach the practical skills our young citizens need? The Socialist teachers unions can totally finance the public school system and no one will care because our children are receiving good educations elsewhere.

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