ICYMI - Ryan Owens Joins UPFRONT

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ICYMI - Ryan Owens Joins UPFRONT

September 29, 2021 - 15:48
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In case you missed it, Ryan Owens, candidate for Wisconsin Attorney General joined Adrienne Pedersen on WISNs UPFRONT program. On the program, Owens discussed Attorney General Josh Kaul's decision to defend a convicted rapist, his unique background, election integrity, and much more.

Ryan on Josh Kaul's defense of a convicted rapist:

"Josh Kaul has really jeopardized the safety of a lot of people. He has thrown uncertainty into the marketplace for employers who are not sure who they can hire... There is no common sense coming from Josh Kaul right now, that's a huge problem"

Owens on his unique background:

"I've got a slightly different background than many candidates do, but it's precisely right for the moment that we're in right now. We're looking for somebody who is not a professional politician, we want an outsider to come in and shake things up and get the job done."

The contrast between Ryan Owens and Eric Toney:

"The Safer at home order was a fundamental problem. My primary opponent charged a number of people for violating that order, that was the wrong thing to do. Josh Kaul has been on the wrong side of this as well. He sided with people to shut down all of our public schools, including our private religious schools. I went out on my own accord to file a brief at the State Supreme Court challenging that.... The side that I litigated with, won."

Ryan on Election Integrity:

"I am all in favor of transparency, we have got to have free, fair, and secure elections... we really need to make sure every single vote in every county is treated the same. It's important for the future of our democracy"

Listen to the full program here

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Kaul is driven by his left leaning bias. When are we going to start holding these top state positions to the Oath they has sworn to uphold?

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