I Choose Rebecca Kleefisch

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I Choose Rebecca Kleefisch

August 06, 2022 - 18:29
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I have known both Rebecca Kleefisch and Tim Michels for many years and there wasn't a second of hesitation when I decided to support Rebecca. She has worked with the grassroots of the Republican Party for decades. Whether it was running for her local school board many years ago, serving as Lt. Governor with Governor Scott Walker as her mentor, or starting up the 1848 project to help promote conservative ideas, Rebecca has been a consistent, principled, figther for our movement.

Tim Michels shows up every now and then whenever he chooses to run for office.

Rebecca fights along side our grassroots activists to help promote policies that will keep the government off our backs and give parents more choices. Just do a search for Rebecca Kleefisch and you will find that her activities go back many years.

Tim Michels helps promote policies that benefit his business interests.

Rebecca is a mom who understands the importance of being there, doing the hard work, and 'rinse and repeat' as long as it takes to get the job done.

Tim Michels talks the talk in order to gain a new title but hasn't done the hard work year after year to actually make a difference. The last time he ran a statwide campaign he lost in a landslide then disappeared from the scene only to be heard from recently when he decided to run for governor.

I fully endorse Rebecca Kleefisch for Wisconsin governor because I know her and she has proven that she can win a statewide campaign by becoming Lt. Governor. I've worked beside her for decades to help promote sensible, conservative policies. She already has the experience that it will take to get the job done in Madison and she doesn't just talk the talk: she has been walking the walk year after year for decades.

If you're like me and you want a winner and a fighter to help fix Madison then join me in supporting Rebecca Kleefish. Let's also not discount how amazing it will be to watch a feisty, conservative mother take on an old, weakling of a man during the debates with Tony Evers.

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I like what Michels says and stands for, but I need a Governor who shows the passion, consistent history, and commitment of Kleefisch. Rebecca has been working on what I stand for, for a long time, morning til night every day.

I don't have a word for it, so I will have to say I hate politics! Why is it we find a need to beat up our opponents when they seem to be outpacing us? Honorable campaigns should concentrate on what we can do, not beat our opponent up for any reason we can think of. But like it or not, that is modern politics, and it is here to stay.

I agree with the statement about Rebecca's consistent leadership, her deep roots in the party and her ability to contrast with Evers. Another concern about Michels is his carpetbagger issue. A $17 million home in Connecticut and a Penthouse in New York City??? The Democrats will have a field day with that. All three of his children attended and graduated from high schools in Connecticut and New York. Just an "average working stiff?"

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