I am suspending my campaign for Governor

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I am suspending my campaign for Governor

July 05, 2022 - 19:48
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When my family and I started this campaign, we knew it would be an uphill battle. I am not part of the insider political class and am a threat to all they hold dear.

We have had many highs over the last six months, and I am proud of what we have built. I’ve traveled our state and heard from thousands of Wisconsinites who believe our society is off track, who want an outsider as their governor, and not someone from the Madison Machine.

I have been encouraged by our supporters, and the old and new friends that my family and I have met on the trail. I love this state and the people in it and truly believe that – though we face great challenges – our best days lay ahead.

Over the past week, I have assessed the state of the primary race and it has become clear to me and my team the only path forward for our campaign is attacking the other candidates in the race on the airwaves and running a very negative campaign. While our team has the capability to do that, that is not something I want to do – nor do I believe that it would be good for the party to do so. This election is too important for our state and our movement.

So today, I am suspending my campaign for Governor. I want to thank all the thousands of people who have donated, volunteered, and supported my campaign. It has been an honor.

I do not plan to make any endorsements in the race before the primary. I will whole heartily support the nominee on August 10th and will work to get Republicans up and down the ballot elected. Our fight is not over, and I will continue to be engaged on the battlefield to elect conservative outsiders in the state of Wisconsin.

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THANK YOU Kevin Nicholson for stepping up and being a quality candidate. I have respected your sense of service and quality leadership since you ran for US Senate four years ago; when you formed and led NO BETTER FRIEND; and now as a (former) candidate for Governor. I believed you were the best of the five Republican candidates for Governor.
THANK YOU for your leadership on "No Endorsement" at the recent Republican Convention.
THANK YOU for not endorsing either of the remaining two leading candidates; but instead preparing to help the Primary winner to beat the incumbent in November.
I encourage all conservatives to pick the best candidate in the Primary and then unite behind the Primary winner and put Mr. Evers out of office in November!
THANKS AGAIN Kevin Nicholson!

Great job, now it's KLEEFRISCH in a landslide!

J. Ham said it very well. I have met Kevin Nicholsen and talked with him, he has a great future in preserving our state and country. He stands for what we need in America and has shown us that it takes a smart and considerate person to step up and make hard decisions.
Kevin, me, and thousands of others are waiting for your next opportunity and we are here to support you!

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