I’ll eliminate retirement income taxes

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I’ll eliminate retirement income taxes

July 16, 2022 - 09:50
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Tony Evers has been a complete failure as a governor. Unaffordable tax increases. Worker shortages. Skyrocketing crime. Locking kids out of schools. We need new leadership!

I have a proven track record of lowering taxes and I’ve never advocated for raising any taxes. I think Wisconsinites deserve to keep more of their own money, rather than be forced to line the pockets of special interest groups. That’s why, as governor, I’ll eliminate the state tax on retirement income and prioritize transformational income tax reform. Wisconsin families can’t afford the Biden/Evers economy.

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Some states have no state Internal revenue, those states simply base the tax due on the federal tax due. They use the taxable income that people have and base the state tax on that. This would save the state of Wisconsin taxpayers a fortune in the Revenue department.

Good luck Rebecca, it is time to leave our senior citizens alone, they have paid a lot of tax!

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