Historic Deal Reached

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Historic Deal Reached

June 10, 2023 - 07:06
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After months of deliberation and negotiations, Republican legislative leaders and Governor Evers have reached an agreement on the shared revenue proposal with a package of bills that will provide historic investment into local government and also have the largest expansion of School Choice since the program was originally founded.

For the thousands of parents in the Wisconsin School Choice program who are worried about the ability of their child to continue receiving a fair education, we’re proud to say the program will grow, thrive and prosper.

This agreement includes:

  • More than $1 billion in new money for public schools
  • Large per-pupil increases for the school choice program, allowing the program to expand slots statewide
  • $97 million more for special education
  • $30 million more for school mental health

On top of that, Legislative Republicans have won the argument and have a number of conservative wins that we have been fighting to get across the finish line. These include:

  • Creation of an innovation fund to encourage local efficiencies and consolidations
  • Repeals the Personal Property Tax
  • Prohibits race based hiring (DEI) in all Wisconsin municipalities
  • Creates a Law Enforcement and Fire/EMS maintenance of effort for all municipalities in Wisconsin and requires the City of Milwaukee to increase filled officer positions
  • Requires all school districts to track crimes that occur on school grounds and include in the school accountability report
  • Requires all new local revenue to be used for law enforcement, fire, EMS, public works, and transportation

The Assembly and Senate plan to vote on this plan and send it to the Governor next Wednesday.

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That we have Republican/Conservative leadership in Madison, that knows that Conservatives hold the majority of the state senate and assembly seats. We need to play hardball with the liberal thievery of Democrat socialism and their so-called progressive policies.

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