Helping Maintain Secure Elections

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Helping Maintain Secure Elections

March 26, 2021 - 04:47
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Wisconsin Republicans have been hard at work coming up with legislation and legal actions to ensure the integrity of our elections.

It is important that we continue to have a presence in our elections and at our polling locations.

With absentee voting already underway for the April 6th elections, we wanted to encourage you to continue the work we have been doing to observe our elections. Here are some important points we wanted to highlight on observing in-person absentee voting and/or voting at the polls or central count locations on election day:
Election Observing is an informal process. Anyone can just show up to watch what is happening. It is a public process where a person can come and go as they please.
Election Observers do not have to represent an organization.
Election Observers can stop in at any municipality in the state. The election schedule is usually posted on a municipality's website. If you cannot find the information, just call the municipal clerk's office for the times and locations.
Here is some general information on Election Observing -> INFO
If you are out observing and see anything out of the ordinary, please be sure to inform us by clicking on this link and filling out our form to report voting issues.

We thank you for your continued work on this issue and make sure to vote by absentee or on April 6th!

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One more quick observation. It seems that there is an attempt to insure that people who vote, do it in a fair manner. That is a great concept, something no one should mind. But, I see lots of media and democrats' say this will stifle voters rights. They seem to feel it will work against some certain voters? It will affect all voters equally, it is simple, you need to be who you say you are, and you are a legitimate voter. No one with any clue, would not feel that was important.

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