University of Wisconsin La Crosse Bias lead to violation of Wisconsin Election law

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University of Wisconsin La Crosse Bias lead to violation of Wisconsin Election law

April 08, 2019 - 23:56
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There have been many stories coming out of UW-La Crosse within the last few years. "Trump" written on a side walk triggering the "Hate Response Team." Chancellor Gow paying a porn star to speak on campus. But, the most troubling of all was the illegal electioneering that occurred on April 2, 2019 as the University stood silently by doing nothing. Could this be because of the administration's bias against conservatives? Could this be because the illegal act favored the a Liberal backed candidate? Or, maybe both.

Wisconsin has very clear election laws and one of those laws restricts campaigning within 100ft of the entrance to the polling place unless on private property. April 2, 2019 was election day in Wisconsin. The City of La Crosse District 5 polling place is in the heart of the liberal bashton at the University of Wisconsin La Crosse, the Student Union. Hundreds of faculty, staff, students, pass through or by the Student Union on any given day and election day would bring more students into the area. Outside the polling place (Student Union) there were three different chalkings on the sidewalk encouraging voting for Neubauer for State Supreme Court. All three chalkings were within 100ft of the entrance, a clear violation of state election law. These were easily visible on the sidewalk for the majority of the day and not a single faculty or staff member reported the violation of law.

At 4:00pm I entered the polling place and demanded to speak with the individual in charge. When I finally was able to speak to her, and informed her of the chalkings on the side walk within 100ft of the entrance her first response was, "are they on private property?" There isn't any private property on UW-L. Shouldn't the poll worker(s) know this? I was absolutely clear as to where the chalking was, and that it was within 100ft of the door. I received notification around 4:30 pm that the chalkings were being removed. The fact that they needed to be removed clearly shows they were in violation of the law. I took several pictures of the illegal chalkings as did the UW-L College Republicans.

There are several questions that remain unanswered here:

1. Is there video showing who violated the state election law?
2. Were the UW-L College Democrats behind this?
3. How come not a single faculty/staff member reported the illegal activity?
4. Why didn't the poll works check the area, 100ft isn't that far?
5. Why would the head poll worker think there was private property (in the middle of the university) within 100ft of the door?
6. Why wasn't the "Hate Response Team" triggered? After all, Neubauer, whom the chalking supported, is backed by planned parenthood, and they support ripping babies from the womb and killing them. (I can't think of anything more hateful).
7. Why hasn't a single La Crosse media outlet reported on the illegal activity?

Once again, Chancellor Gow has dropped the ball and this time he allowed illegal activity to take place on the University of Wisconsin, La Crosse for several hours.

It is my understanding that the UW-L police have started some sort of investigation but, I have little faith in their ability to answer even one of the questions above much less find the individuals responsible for the illegal activity and bring them to justice.

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Each time this garbage happens, and it is often, we are told there is no election fraud. We are laughed at and belittled. This is getting old, but in this case the bottom line is we need to get these students to vote at the place where their Drivers licence says they live. The influence they have in college towns is wrong and outrageous.

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