God speed Rush Limbaugh

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God speed Rush Limbaugh

February 17, 2021 - 17:24
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As I write this, I am deeply saddened at learning of the passing of Rush Limbaugh. My most sincere prayers go out to the friends and family. I pray that God will strengthen and comfort you in this difficult time.

I will never forget the first time Rush Limbaugh came into my life. I was a freshman in college and a member of the Navy ROTC program. A group of us would get together at the Armory for lunch with the Marine instructors who were devout listeners of Limbaugh. They would destroy us if we got too rowdy while they were trying to listen to Ma-Ha-Rushie. The combination of camaraderie with Marines and Midshipmen friends and the absolutely brilliant way that Limbaugh made very complex ideas simple enough for me to understand are the reason that memory will stay with me always.

This may or may not be overstating the matter, but I hold Rush Limbaugh in similar regard as the Founding Fathers of this nation. You see, it was Rush Limbaugh who lit the torch of Liberty within my heart and for 30-years I have been attending Limbaugh’s graduate level courses on Liberty and American history. His teachings built a strong foundation within me during those early college years and his inspiration led me to study deeper into the founding of our nation. Based on what I have been hearing throughout the day, I am not the only one. Rush Limbaugh led a Renaissance for Liberty throughout the United States. Millions and millions of us over several decades. Millions and millions.

Now it is time for us to take that torch and spread the light of Liberty on his behalf. He has taught us for many years, and we are well equipped to carry on the movement that he began. If you can write, then send letters to this web site and your local papers to help educate readers about Liberty. If you are active on social media, then spread the message of Liberty there. If you are good at speaking, then get a microphone and start podcasting about Liberty-minded solutions. Our nation needs all of us right now. We are living in dark times but with millions of us carrying the torch of Liberty we have the ability to chase away the shadows of Marxism that have been planted on our soil.

God speed Rush Limbaugh. Thank you for the priceless, patriotic education you have given to me and millions of others over the decades.

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I have been listening to talk radio for years, and when Limbaugh came on the scene in 88, I listened to him most days. Yes, he was unique and a bit blunt. He matured a bit over the years, and I became very fond of his perspective and observations. I loved the idea that someone was willing to say what needed to be said.

I have over the years heard many say derogatory things about Rush, and while I blew it off, I saw their points. My take on it was that when anyone talks live on the radio for 3 hours a day five days a week, they are going to say something on or over the edge. He was human, and had an agenda, and thank God he did.
I got tears in my eyes, when his wife came on the radio at the opening of his program, and calmly told the massive audience, the bad news. Only Rush could die and keep it a secret until the announcement came from his source. Rush was very intelligent, and perceptive and right. People who reach this level of fame, don't usually remain normal, but Rush did. I will miss him.

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