Get it together, Evers

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Get it together, Evers

June 11, 2022 - 06:31
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I am fed up with the senseless and pathetic Evers administration.

In 2021, Evers proposed over $1 billion in tax increases on Wisconsinites. He had to bail out small businesses with federal funds after damaging them with lockdowns in 2020. Evers paid people not to work, drove up the cost of labor, and ran an incompetent Department of Workforce Development.

He blocked a curriculum transparency bill and tried to freeze school choice programs. He tried to limit the manufacturing and agriculture tax credit and refused to protect the unborn. Tony Evers allowed Kenosha to burn, undercut the moral authority of WI police, and refused to do anything about soft-on-crime DA’s.

Wisconsin deserves better than Tony’s failed leadership. Don’t you agree?

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How about the fact that Evers has pardoned Douglas Balsewicz, who stabbed his wife over 40 times killing her and in front of children. There is no way on earth that this is worthy of a pardon!

This is an example along with Kevin's other points, that Evers has no realistic perspective on anything, something I would expect from a person who comes from the public sector his entire life.

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