Gas, groceries, and grandkids, what’s at stake in 2022

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Gas, groceries, and grandkids, what’s at stake in 2022

June 22, 2022 - 07:20
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I joined Fox and Friends with my fellow Navy SEAL candidates to talk about the challenges that drove us to run for Congress to continue serving our country.

I laid out the 3 G’s that I hear the most on the campaign trail: Gas, Groceries, and Grandkids.

People are having difficulty filling up their gas tank and their grocery cart on the same day and they are worried about the future of our children because of Nancy Pelosi’s radical spending. We’re spending our grandchildren’s money and it’s simply inappropriate. We need to focus on right now. We’re in dutch, and when we flip the House, we’re going to make sure we stop this madness and bring America to to where it should be which is a place of greatness and performance.

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