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Everyday we’re hustling

June 17, 2022 - 12:04
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Grassroots hustle will retire Tony Evers this fall. Relationships, voter contact, and a field program — not flashy TV ads — earn trust in Wisconsin. I’ve spent years travelling Wisconsin meeting many of you and working on the issues that are important to you. It’s your activism, your tenacity, that will take back our state.

We officially launched our volunteer site, a landing space for the grassroots team members that are working to defeat Tony Evers this fall. Our campaign is an all-hands-on-deck effort, and this site will help grow our team and organize our movement. We need your help! And there are plenty of ways to volunteer: make phone calls, email your friends, send text messages, knock on doors, or even post on social media. Visit our new site here!

What better way to celebrate dairy month than by supporting some of Wisconsin’s hardest workers, our farmers? Green New Deal-style regulations and taxes pushed by liberals like Tony Evers hurt our farmers, our agriculture sector, and our economy. Farmers need an ally in the governor’s office, not a woke, out-of-touch liberal. As governor, I’ll work with our ag community to proritize rural needs. Read my full column in Drydenwire.

I’m sick of texting my family anytime I find gas prices under $5 thinking it’s a huge bargain. Our family is spending almost double what we typically budget for gas. The national average for a gallon of gas is now more than $5. Wisconsin families shouldn’t have to choose between filling up our cars and feeding our families. (Butter was $3.49 at the store this week and to get this WI girl to curtail butter use takes A LOT!) Tony Evers has added fuel to the flame of Joe Biden’s inflation crisis by attempting to increase our gas tax and advocating to shutdown the Line 5 Pipeline. We can’t afford four more years of bad liberal policies under Joe Biden and Tony Evers. As governor, I’ll fight for your family budget and make Wisconsin affordable again.

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Rebecca is very smart, ambitious, and has what it takes to be a great governor. She has paid her dues and has inside experience that is valuable and hard to get.

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