Evers Vetoes Historic Tax Cut

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Evers Vetoes Historic Tax Cut

July 07, 2023 - 18:28
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This week, Governor Evers used his line-item veto to strike $3.34 billion in income tax cuts for residents and small businesses from the state budget.

Evers eliminated tax cuts on all married Wisconsinites making more than $36,840 and all single filers’ earning more than $27,630--all while pretending to provide a budget for working families to help with rising costs of living.

In our approved plan, the state tax rate for middle-class taxpayers would have been lowered from 5.3% to 4.4%. It will now remain at 5.3% because of Governor Evers’ veto. Governor Evers also vetoed changes to the top tax rate, which would have lowered the rate from 7.65% to 6.5%. Because of this, Wisconsin is now at an economic disadvantage, as it has a higher top tax rate than most of its neighboring states, including Illinois.

To put things in perspective, 95% of the legislature’s income tax cut was vetoed by a governor who made a campaign promise last fall to cut income taxes for the middle class. It seems he was fine to take credit for Republicans’ tax cuts to get re-elected and then break his promise and return to his Madison liberal ideology now that he’s back in the Governor’s mansion.

We know that Governor Evers overstepped his bounds, it's our job to figure out ways to ensure this money goes back to you.

Not only did Evers stick it to the hardworking taxpayers of Wisconsin by vetoing this tax cut, he also broke our deal on school funding. Using his very powerful line-item veto pen, he has changed the terms of our school funding deal to allow the school revenue limit to increase over the next 400 years. This will result in massive property tax increases as schools will now have a much broader ability to raise them without input from the legislature. To learn more about what this 400-year veto might mean for long-term spending, click here for an article written by Wisconsin Institute of Law and Liberty.

I appeared on Jay Weber Thursday morning to give my thoughts on the most egregious vetoes by Governor Evers. Click below to listen.

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One tyrant governor is not supposed to make the rules. Democrats have been making a mess of things for so long, they even corrupted Tony Evers, a man too simple to be a crook, but a naive pawn.

I had a little hope for this budget, I should have known better. What the news tells us is that the wealthy would have gotten a big tax break and the lower income got peanuts. The fact is that the evil rich people pay many more times what the low-income pay, but they do get all the same government services. They can use the streets, schools, parks, law enforcement, courts, and every other service! The difference is that one pays far more for it. We should stop saying nasty things about those who pay most of the tax.

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