La Crosse Area Legislators Oppose Fair Elections

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La Crosse Area Legislators Oppose Fair Elections

April 12, 2021 - 11:15
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Jill Billings (D-La Crosse) and Steve Doyle (D-Onalaska) recently voted against Wisconsin Assembly Resolution 15 which simply called on the Wisconsin Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections to investigate how elections are administered in our state and ensure that laws are being followed or gather the details necessary that might lead to ways of repairing the procedures.

Why are local Democrats opposed to following the election laws? Do they ever consider the dire consequences of their lawless behaviors?

Here is the wording they opposed:

Relating to: directing the Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections to investigate the administration of elections in Wisconsin.

Whereas, the ability of American citizens to exercise their right to vote is foundational to our representative democracy; and Whereas, the legitimacy of the American form of government depends on the citizens' widespread confidence in the fairness of elections and acceptance of election results; and

Whereas, preserving the integrity of the electoral process is one of our government's most important responsibilities; and Whereas, the administration of elections in Wisconsin is governed by an extensive set of duly enacted laws; and Whereas, however, election laws are not self-enforcing but rely on the good faith efforts of election officials to dutifully carry out those laws as written in order to ensure fair elections; and

Whereas, the integrity of our electoral process has been jeopardized by election officials who, either through willful disregard or reckless neglect, have failed to adhere to our election laws by, at various times, ignoring, violating, and encouraging noncompliance with bright-line rules established by the statutes and regulations governing the administration of elections in Wisconsin; and

Whereas, it is the duty of the Wisconsin Legislature to make laws and to exercise its oversight and investigative authority to determine the extent to which elections in Wisconsin have been conducted in compliance with the law; now,

therefore, be it Resolved by the assembly, That the Wisconsin Assembly hereby directs the Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections to investigate the administration of elections in Wisconsin, focusing in particular on elections conducted after January 1, 2019.

Thankfully, there are still enough law-abiding representatives in the Assembly and this passed but I believe it is important to hold these politicians accountable for their lawless behavior. If they had any integrity they would resign from their positions for refusing to properly represent the law-abiding citizens who elected them.

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Since they don't respond to questions, we need to assume that they only vote yes when it promotes their agenda. What is right and what is Constitutional is not important.

Thanks for your report on this situation!

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