Disgusted with Steve Doyle

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Disgusted with Steve Doyle

June 03, 2022 - 18:12
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I was disgusted to hear Rep. Steve Doyle's radio ad today where he offered his assistance to business professionals in wading through seas of red tape due to the out-of-control bureaucracy. It sickens me that Doyle and modern Marxist-Democrats have a mindset of building as many barriers as they can get away with then patting themselves on the back when their bloated bureaucracy helps regular citizens navigating the sawmp that they created.

It would be similar to a fire fighter who starts a blaze in your garage then demands your praises when he puts it out before it reaches your children's bedroom.

The people in our communities deserve better!

We deserve a leader with the courage to remove the barriers, shrink the government, and allow us to live our lives without Big Brother breathing down our necks.

Ryan Huebsch will offer that kind of principled leadership and I highly encourage you to help him defeat the swamp rat Steve Doyle.

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Doyle is constantly telling us how wonderful he is, it would be nice if he was. He is a big part of the problem and yes, his cronies continue to spend other peoples money and take credit for it. We need to replace him with Ryan Huebsch and get back to Constitutional conservative principles.

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