The Diabolical Left Strikes Again

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The Diabolical Left Strikes Again

May 07, 2022 - 06:00
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While the whole nation is fired up about the possible end of the disastrous, immoral, and unconstitutional Roe vs. Wade and Casey legal opinions, I am far more concerned about the behaviors that are destroying our legal system in America.

Who leaked the Supreme Court draft document?

Which Supreme Court protocols were violated?

What are the consequences for violating those protocols?

What was their motivation?

Evidence is mounting that the leak originated in the offices of one of the liberal judges such as Justice Sonia Sotomayer appointed by Barrack Obama. Given all the coordinated protests and riots throughout the nation it appears that their motivation was to try and influence the Supreme Court to change their opinions. Was this coordinated by the White House and office of the Vice President who conveniently had a Pro Choice event planned?

It is deeply disturbing that a group of co-conspirators may be responsible for destroying the people’s trust in our legal system and corrupting it with political mob rule. The Supreme Court has historically attempted to remain outside the realm of politics and partisan sniping. When you read the Constitution and the Federalist Papers it is 100% clear that the Founding Fathers intended the Judicial Branch of government to be free from the whims of political ‘red waves’ and ‘blue waves.’ They designed the Judicial Branch to be focused on interpreting the laws that were passed and signed by the other two branches of our government.

Now the liberals are weaponizing even that institution into an instrument for forcing their agenda upon the American people. There is no limit to the diabolical behaviors they will take part in just to promote their petty, partisan desires. They are literally and figuratively willing to burn down the country in support of their agenda.

Equally disturbing is the utterly irresponsible rhetoric coming from Marxist Democrats in the media, in the administration, and in Congress who are calling for revolution, riots, and violence of all types if they do not get their way. They are lying to their supporters about the impacts this draft opinion would have on the nation and inciting violence around the country in a diabolical attempt to influence the Supreme Court into changing their opinions. This is the Marxism in America many have warned about where the rule of law no longer matters but violence, riots, and general mob rule controls the legal system at the whim of a radical political agenda. Do you want them to transform America into a nation where the group who shows up with the most pitch forks and torches gets to decide the laws of the land?

the rule of law no longer matters

Another theory is that this is an attempt to incite so much violence and chaos around the nation that the authorities will be forced to cancel the elections in November or suppress the vote in some fashion because they know they are going to lose in a big way. Supporting this theory is the creation of the ‘1984’-style Ministry of Truth within the Department of Homeland Security that many believe will be the enforcement arm who suppresses conservative viewpoints before the election. Don’t forget it was only a couple years ago when Marxist-Democrat governors like Tony Evers in Wisconsin used the COVID excuse to try and cancel the Spring election. Unfortunately, the Marxist-Democrats settled for rigging the elections through their ‘2000-mules’ style program.

I have also heard speculation that these American Marxists simply leaked the information as a banal attempt to force the Senate into ending the filibuster rules. If true, then it just goes to show how pathetically petty, short-sighted, and evil the Marxist Democrats are if it turns out they are willing to destroy the integrity of the entire Judicial Branch of government for one stupid rule in Congress.

I miss America ☹

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