Democrats have WEAPONIZED the FBI and DOJ

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Democrats have WEAPONIZED the FBI and DOJ

February 11, 2023 - 06:58
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I’m working with Republicans to uncover a very grave threat to our republic, and I hope you’ll help me…

Americans need to understand the Radical Left has infiltrated basically every institution in this country, starting with higher education.

Colleges and universities are educating our journalists, they’re educating our lawyers, and they’re educating our teachers, who are indoctrinating our children.

So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the Radical Left has infiltrated our government.

One of Republicans’ top concerns right now is the Left’s politicization of the FBI & Department of Justice and attacks on American civil liberties.

Do you think Democrats have weaponized the FBI and DOJ for political gain? Let Republicans know today in the comment section below!

This could have dangerous consequences for our country, so we’re taking this threat very seriously.

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We have numerous whistle-blowers from high places telling of wrongful activities, they can't cover this up anymore.
We have known socialists and communists in Congress now, and they got elected because of who they were. Yes, Ron, we have a mess on our hands, and the sad part is they swear to uphold the Constitution and then ridicule it. The penalty for this is severe, but sadly, never enforced.

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