Defending Religious Freedom

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Defending Religious Freedom

June 13, 2022 - 15:41
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Today, Monday, June 13, a letter was hand delivered to La crosse Mayor Mitch Reynolds asking him to veto Section 32-191 of the Code of ordinances that bans conversion therapy in La Crosse. By law the mayor has until 5 p.m. on Tuesday, June 14, to veto this unconstitutional ordinance.

It's important to understand that Mac Kiel and others, who authored this ordinance, are fully intent on enforcing this. In the Tribune, Kiel was quoted saying that she wants to let all parents and children be educated on how to recognize when someone is breaking the law. She said, "If you hear of something like this, then question it, look into it. The police department is here to help and see if it's against this ordinance."

Mayor Reynolds needs to hear your voices, and know that this ordinance is unacceptable. Parenting involves choosing who will speak to your child about private, sexual issues and how it will be communicated. Honestly, words fail to capture the appalling audacity that six council members had in trying to assert a right to trample over your constitutionally, guaranteed protections so that they could push themselves into those private, conversations about sexual issues with your minor children. It's actually disgusting.

We deserve to know if the mayor aligns himself with honoring his oath to protect our rights or if he wishes to send police to fine and harass pastors, religious school counselors and other therapists for counseling children according to the parents' personal or religious beliefs.

So, we are inviting you to be involved at this point of the process in these ways:

1.) Forward the attached letter to Mayor Mitch Reynolds at indicating that you agree with the veto request.

2.) Come to the rally at the steps of city hall at 2:30 to show your support for what the letter says to Mayor Reynolds.

3.) If you come, and have time to, make a poster that talks about some of the points in the letter.

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The City of LaCrosse has exceeded its limits on its authority and public policy.  The City has no business interfering with young people's lives, they are creating a serious liability for the city and are interfering with family life, that they have no good reason or right to.  In LaCrosse there are many people in the City government who reach far beyond the appropriate role they are elected for.

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