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April 13, 2024 - 14:43
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When I want to deceive someone about my age, I tell them two honest statements: My birthday is in January. If I live, I will be 92 in January. They marvel at how good I look for 91 years. They believe what is not true because I don't tell them how many years until that particular January. Politicians are particularly adept in this practice.

Here is a headline based on the monthly report by the Department of Labor: "Job growth zoomed in March as payrolls jumped by 303,000 and unemployment dropped to 3.8%". CNBC website:

Well into the body of the article is what was left out. Full time workers DECREASED by 6,000 people and part time jobs increased by 691,000. Plus the number of people holding more than one job increased 217,000 - more than 1/20th of the workforce. (Notice the difference of 691,000 and 303,000 payroll; some of those part time jobs are over.)

The article relates that the Fed wants to get inflation to 2% or less. And, they say, "Most measures have inflation running above 3% . . .". Do you understand that is more than 50% above 2%? (2 + .50 x 2 = 2 + 1 = 3) Here is the part about inflation - that they left out: Inflation comes from a government spending more than they tax. Governments print money. Case in point: The $8 million renovation of the rest area near Mile Marker 20 on I -90 west bound. The parking spaces for trucks goes from 16 to 70. It should be paid for out of fuel taxes but, this is an election year and the USDOT gave a grant to the WDOT (Read: National Debt).

They also left out: Everything our government buys is included in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) - makes you want to believe that the economy is MORE healthy than it is (just like me being 91). Federal deficit in 2023: $1.7 trillion. The workers that make products for the government - - buy stuff; stuff included in GDP, and so on. (The Biden Administration knows this in an election year.)

Where were those jobs? Just for March: 81,000 healthcare & social assistance, 71,000 government, 49,000 leisure & hospitality, 39,000 construction, 17,600 retail, skipping to manufacturing at 0 and a 400 loss in utilities. Is it a healthy economy when there is zero gain in manufacturing and nearly twice as many jobs gained in government as construction and manufacturing (where they make stuff for us to use as opposed to paper pushers?).

Inflation 2% ? Want to buy some ocean front property in Oklahoma?

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