CouleeConservatives: Who We are and Why We’re Here

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CouleeConservatives: Who We are and Why We’re Here

December 09, 2023 - 07:59
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The good folks over at Wisconsin Conservative Digest reached out to us recently and were curious about who we are and why we do this. I believe this is a terrific opportunity to re-introduce ourselves in addition to building a new relationship with conservatives from other parts of the state.

The genesis of CouleeConservatives occurred in line with the Tea Party movement around the time President Obama seized power. I remember my deep concerns about the consequences of our nation electing a Marxist president and others around the nation were talking about it too. Like many other Patriots around the nation, I decided to do something about it and was the result.

Who We Are
We are a group of Patriotic American citizens who choose to peaceably assemble online (and in person occasionally) to discuss current events and write opinion articles to help promote the traditional American values that made the United States the greatest nation on Earth.

We come from all ages and all walks of life representing every economic rung on the ladder of prosperity. Some of us are veterans. Some of us are peace-niks. Some are young. Some are old. All of us have a deep love of Liberty and the founding principles of America.

Most of us publish under pseudonyms or simply as ‘anonymous’ for two main reasons:

  1. to protect our privacy in a time when docsing conservatives and vandalizing property have become acceptable by Democrats
  2. to prevent any sort of personal bias about the writer which may distract the reader from the content

For example, I have chosen to publish under the name ‘Publius’ out of respect for the Founding Fathers who wrote the Federalist Papers using the same name. I know and respect that We the People are at the very top of the org chart in American politics and that elected officials are demoted to servant status beneath us. With that in mind, I write my articles to help amplify the voice of the people.

I pray this article helps inspire you to also get involved. If you are interested in joining us and sharing your thoughts then please use the Contact link to tell us what is on your mind.

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I follow CouleeConservatives because I see real people who see a need to preserve America. So few people understand that America is the Greatest Democracy/Republic in history for one reason. That being the American Constitution given to us so many years ago, by some very intelligent and dedicated Patriots.

Many see the great life of freedom and liberty we have as the way it should be, but may not see the need for working to preserve it. People at CouleeConservatives know that we need to work to maintain our Freedom and our way of life, we see the constant erosion of our Constitution and all of our Rights, so follow CouleeConservatives, contribute comments, and spread the word!

Thanks for the mentioning The Wisconsin Conservative Digest and sharing a link to the paper! We are so excited to see what the new year brings. Keep up the good work!

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