Christians Should Combat "Pride Month" with "Respect for Marriage Sunday"

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Christians Should Combat "Pride Month" with "Respect for Marriage Sunday"

June 10, 2023 - 16:19
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On June 26, 2015, the United States Supreme Court erroneously legalized gay marriage in Obergefell v. Hodges, preempting most state laws concerning same-sex marriage. In the succeeding years, the Left has continued to take aim at marriage both by attempting to further redefine it (polygamy, polyamory, etc.) and by blurring the lines between male and female with the "trans" lie.

The Left's attacks on marriage and basic biology have become especially apparent during so-called "Pride Month" in June, during which corporations and cultural institutions have already gone to great lengths to showcase their commitment to LGBTQ+ “pride."

As Christians, we need to do more than just reject their celebration of sexual deviancy and dangerous ideas about human sexuality. We must proclaim a better way forward by highlighting the beauty and goodness of God's design for marriage-- beauty and goodness that extends to all people, those who worship God and those who blaspheme Him.

With this idea in mind and in response to so-called "Pride Month," Erick Erickson of World Magazine suggests that churches "designate the Sunday closest to the Obergefell decision to Genesis 1."

Erickson notes that in Genesis 1, the Hebrew word "bara" is used to describe God's creation, a term exclusively reserved for God's unique creative power. While humans can construct or build, only God possesses the ability to "bara," or divinely create. Thus, Genesis 1 presents a clear depiction of the Christian worldview. It asserts that God divinely created all things, including humanity as male and female, emphasizing that we cannot redefine our own genders.

Additionally, in Genesis 1 God established the sacred institution of marriage, which we cannot distort or alter. In His divine creation, God brought forth the universe, humanity, the inherent gender identity of all living beings, and the institution of marriage, which plays a pivotal role in supporting the health and well-being of humanity.

This year, Erickson suggests, we should recognize and celebrate Sunday, June 25, as Respect for Marriage Sunday, similar to how we have for 50 years recognized the Sunday closest to January 22 as "Respect for Life Sunday." We can use this day as an opportunity to teach our children about the beauty of God's design and why we must reject our secular culture's distorted view of human sexuality. If we are to be prideful of, in, or about anything, may it be only of our Creator, Who created "male and female" and established marriage between one man and one woman as the primary institution of every society-- for His glory and humankind's good. We hope you will share this idea with your pastor, who in turn will at least mention this "respect for" Sunday-- and then that you will set aside time with your family to rejoice in the goodness of God's plan for us.

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Let's go for Normal Marriage Month! Oh you think some might be offended, I do too, but it is time to get in their face like they do to us! We have never expressed a need to prove we are normal, but it is normal and it is how society can survive. Our normal way of life does not confuse the children, it shows a good example and leads to a happy acceptable way of life. Again I would leave them alone if they would leave the young people alone. But the viciously, constantly preach a distorted agenda, so we must fight back. I am asking for a Normal Marriage Flag at the capitol!

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