Call for federal funds following structural failure of Lansing Bridge

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Call for federal funds following structural failure of Lansing Bridge

March 09, 2024 - 06:41
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Yesterday, I, along with Ashley Hinson (IA-02), sent a letter to Federal Highway Administration Administrator Shailen Bhatt emphasizing Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds’ (IA-R) request for federal emergency relief funding for the repair of the Lansing Bridge in Lansing, Iowa. This request comes after the bridge, which connects Iowa Highway 9 and Wisconsin Highway 35, was closed due to a sudden structural failure that deemed it unsafe for traffic use. The bridge serves as a key route between Allamakee and Clayton Counties in Iowa and Crawford and Vernon Counties in Wisconsin.

The Lansing Bridge is used daily by many folks in Wisconsin’s Third District whether it be for getting to work, school, or visiting friends and family. Its closure is necessary to ensure the safety of drivers but poses significant delays for commuters. It is vital that repairs are made as swiftly as possible. I thank Rep. Hinson for joining me in this effort to secure critical emergency relief funding to cover the repair costs of the bridge and reopen this important route between our two districts.

“The structural failure of the Mississippi River Bridge at Lansing has caused a massive disruption for Iowans who regularly commute to Wisconsin and businesses that rely upon interstate visitors,” said Congresswoman Hinson. “The federal government must quickly approve Governor Reynolds’ request for a disaster proclamation to make emergency relief funding immediately available to help cover the costs of repairs and ensure both Iowans and Wisconsinites can safely commute across this bridge. I will continue to stay in communication with state officials and work with Congressman Van Orden to ensure necessary funds are available as soon as possible.”

To read the full letter, click here.

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This is one of those situations that we need to speak up and get our share of the pie. If we don't the squeaky wheel will get the grease and we will go without.

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