The budget bill will provide tax cuts, strengthen education options, and improve literacy

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The budget bill will provide tax cuts, strengthen education options, and improve literacy

June 30, 2023 - 06:49
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This evening, the Assembly approved the state budget, which will cut taxes in Wisconsin by an astounding $4.4 billion, $3.5 billion devoted solely to income tax relief. The budget will also provide increased funding for education and overhaul the way we teach children how to read.
IRG Action Fund CEO CJ Szafir released this statement in response to the news:

“I applaud Speaker Vos, the Joint Finance Committee, and the Assembly for their work on this commonsense budget. From middle-class tax cuts to vastly improved funding for education, these are the policies that will improve the life of every Wisconsinite.

This budget will help to alleviate the financial squeeze that many private voucher and charter schools have been feeling in recent years. It will also provide funding for literacy, which is an improvement over the status quo and will go a long way toward helping our children learn how to read.”

Late last week, IRG Action launched a petition drive supporting the middle-class tax cut included in the state budget bill. Wisconsinites looking to show their support of the tax cut can contact Governor Evers and their lawmakers at

“This budget will cut taxes for everyone, from middle-class families to the small businesses that employ half of the state. Wisconsin needs tax relief and this bill delivers it. I encourage Governor Evers to sign these reforms into law and improve the lives of every Wisconsinite across the state.”

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I have to assume that there is some very blunt conversation with the leaders and Evers. If this budget stays close to the way it is written, then this is a big win for all. Evers can not govern without the Republicans, but the Republicans can only win by holding the Governor to a reasonable standard. Time will tell how this plays out.
I also have the need to point out, that this budget surplus, is for three reasons.
1. Governer Walker, and his Act 10.
2. President Trump, and his genius business sense.
3. Free Covid money, which gave people lots of easy money. Yes, it will cost our children a lower quality of life.

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