Backing the Blue

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Backing the Blue

May 20, 2023 - 07:33
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This week is National Police Week. I was proud to help pass three bills to honor our law enforcement and combat violent crime in cities across the country – H.Con.Res.40 condemning efforts to defund the police, the POLICE Act of 2023, and the Federal Law Enforcement Officer Service Weapon Purchase Act.

I will always stand with our brave men and women in law enforcement. As a Navy SEAL, I have spent years away from home defending America. I was only able to do this knowing that our brave police officers were defending my home. Now more than ever, our leaders need to come out in strong support of our police.

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For those who don't understand the job/responsibility of our Law Enforcement officers, please read this. We give them a very difficult job, and we make them make critical decisions in an instant. They are human, and might make mistakes, but rarely do. If they do, I beg you to side with the officer, their lives are on the line when they are working, and most do their best. Please support them, and give some thought to what they offer to society. They are doing their job, they have families that depend on them. They are human!

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