50+ conservative legislators endorse Rebecca Kleefisch

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50+ conservative legislators endorse Rebecca Kleefisch

July 08, 2022 - 13:35
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On Friday, a broad coalition of state senators and representatives from the second-most conservative state legislature in America endorsed Rebecca Kleefisch to be Wisconsin’s next governor.

Many of these legislators championed and fought for historic conservative reforms while Rebecca was lieutenant governor, including Act 10, Right to Work, the repeal of prevailing wage, statewide school choice, voter ID, and the elimination of the state property tax. Many are new, ready for a new era of conservative reform. They know Rebecca is the right candidate to continue making Wisconsin a prosperous home for Wisconsin families and workers.

Senator Steve Nass: “Wisconsin needs a governor who will be a bold advocate for making Wisconsin affordable and protecting taxpayers. The choice in this race is clear. Rebecca Kleefisch’s firm commitment to holding the line on the gas tax in a time of skyrocketing inflation where the road builders will certainly come demanding more money for projects will help make her a successful governor.”

Senator Julian Bradley: “The crime epidemic is out of control, and Wisconsin families need a governor who will focus on keeping us safe. Rebecca Kleefisch has a plan to combat crime by putting 1,000 more cops on our streets and pushing bail and sentencing reform to tie liberal DAs’ and judges’ hands by keeping repeat offenders behind bars. Law enforcement overwhelmingly backs Rebecca, and so do I, because we know she is truly committed to taking back our streets from criminals.”

Senator John Jagler: “We now know the severity of the negative impact COVID had on education. When families were struggling to find solutions, some schools stepped up, some did not. Too many schools avoided transparency on major decisions. Rebecca Kleefisch will apply the lessons we learned and change the way we run education in Wisconsin. Parents will be given more control over where and how their children receive K-12 education. Our kids are too important to just coast along with business as usual. Change is coming.”

Representative Donna Rozar: “As our governor, Rebecca Kleefisch will be a fearless fighter for the unborn. I know she will stand up for the voiceless unborn and fight for moms so they can be successful both at work and at home. In this post-Roe world, we need to ensure our leaders will have the backbone to stand up for life. Rebecca demonstrated that backbone when she stood up to 100,000 protestors during Act 10, while also fighting cancer. I know we can trust her to stand for the most vulnerable among us, pre-born children.”

Representative Elijah Behnke: “We must ensure our elections are conducted with fairness and integrity. There is no room for second-guessing or wavering and I am certain Rebecca Kleefisch will protect our democratic republic from those who would want to steal an election. As our governor, Rebecca will ban ballot harvesting and Zuckerbucks, abolish the disastrous Wisconsin Elections Commission and stop central count practices.”

Representative Gae Magnafici: “Tony Evers devastated Wisconsin’s economy with his pandemic shutdowns and paying people to sit on the sidelines instead of addressing our workforce needs. Rebecca Kleefisch will be an excellent governor because she will fight to make Wisconsin open for business again through transformational income tax reform, welfare reform, and prioritizing investments in necessary vocational training.”

A full list of legislative endorsements is below:

  • Senator Joan Ballweg
  • Senator Julian Bradley
  • Senator Robert Cowles
  • Senator Alberta Darling
  • Senator John Jagler
  • Senate Majority Leader Devin LeMahieu
  • Senator Howard Marklein
  • Senator Steve Nass
  • Senator Rob Stafsholt
  • Senator Van Wanggaard
  • Representative Scott Allen
  • Representative David Armstrong
  • Representative Tyler August
  • Representative Elijah Behnke
  • Representative Mark Born
  • Representative Rob Brooks
  • Representative Rachael Cabral-Guevara
  • Representative Calvin Callahan
  • Representative Alex Dallman
  • Representative Barb Dittrich
  • Representative James Edming
  • Representative Terry Katsma
  • Representative Joel Kitchens
  • Representative Dan Knodl
  • Representative Scott Krug
  • Representative Tony Kurtz
  • Representative John Macco
  • Representative Gae Magnafici
  • Representative Clint Moses
  • Representative Dave Murphy
  • Representative Jeff Mursau
  • Representative Adam Neylon
  • Representative Todd Novak
  • Representative Loren Oldenburg
  • Representative William Penterman
  • Representative Kevin Petersen
  • Representative Jon Plumer
  • Representative Treig Pronschinske
  • Representative Jessie Rodriguez
  • Representative Donna Rozar
  • Representative Michael Schraa
  • Representative Ken Skowronski
  • Representative Pat Snyder
  • Representative Shae Sortwell
  • Representative John Spiros
  • Representative David Steffen
  • Representative Jim Steineke
  • Representative Rob Summerfield
  • Representative Rob Swearingen
  • Representative Gary Tauchen
  • Representative Jeremy Thiesfeldt
  • Representative Paul Tittl
  • Representative Travis Tranel
  • Representative Ron Tusler
  • Assembly Speaker Robin Vos
  • Representative Chuck Wichgers
  • Representative Bob Wittke
  • Representative Shannon Zimmerman
    To see a full list of Rebecca’s endorsements, please visit her website here.

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All things considered, Rebecca has the experience, the persistence, and the agenda to take Wisconsin forward, a badly needed direction. It is time to look very carefully at this election, we need to look at who can and will win.

Go Rebecca!

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