September 2020

Was Congressman Ron Kind Paying for Sex in Congress?

September 26, 2020 - 16:13

Back in 2003, there was an amendment to a spending bill (HR 2660) that would have eliminated the funding to absurd grant programs designed to study sexual activity of various types. Was this an appropriate use of taxpayer’s hard-earned money? Representative Ron Kind thought so and he voted against the effort to stop the funding.

Could it be said, therefore, that Representative Ron Kind was paying for sex in Congress?

This is only the beginning of the disgusting votes that Ron Kind has participated in during his very long career in Congress.

Reflecting on September 11th

September 15, 2020 - 05:49

On. Sept. 11, 2001 — exactly 19 years ago— our nation was stunned by a series of brazen attacks by terrorists who wanted to see our way of life destroyed.

I was a Navy SEAL chief stationed in California and was called by a friend who lived on the East Coast. My friend told me to turn on the TV and that we were under attack. When I did, I saw the World Trade Center buildings burning.

I kissed my wife, told her to keep the kids home from school, and drove to the SEAL teams to go to war to defend my family and our nation.

Pfaff Follows the Money Outside Western Wisconsin

September 13, 2020 - 20:42

Political campaigns spend money. They want to put commercials on TV, radio and in newspapers. They pay for yard signs and send us endless postcards telling us who to vote for or against. Campaigns spend money, which means they need to raise money. They need to ask people to support them, to vote with their pocketbook before they go to the polls. And that’s where we find out who our candidates and elected officials will truly serve.

Back the Badge - Back Kapanke

September 07, 2020 - 10:08

I watched in horror as rioters burned our cities. Beginning in Minneapolis, then spreading throughout the nation, our police have come under attack, first by the rioters and then by the politicians who would “defund” them.

It came closer to home when Kenosha became the latest community destroyed by “mostly peaceful protesters.” It was one thing to watch the attacks in big cities far away, but if this can happen in Kenosha, it can happen in La Crosse, Eau Claire, even in Sparta, Viroqua or Prairie du Chien.

I Endorse Derrick Van Orden for Congress

September 03, 2020 - 04:55

I endorse Derrick Van Orden for Representative of Wisconsin's 3rd Congressional District. Derrick is committed to serving our country. I am very grateful for his dedicated military service and sacrifice as a Navy Seal. He will bring that same determination to service and love of country to the role of representative. He has proven he will do what it takes to unseat Ron Kind in the upcoming election. It is important we work to elect Republicans up and down the ballot and most importantly, to re-elect President Donald J. Trump and give him allies in Congress.

Displayed Strong Leadership

September 01, 2020 - 20:33

The right to peacefully protest is what I fought for in the SEAL Teams.

What we have seen in Kenosha and elsewhere across the country cannot be deemed 'peaceful.' Violence, rioting, and looting are criminal acts, and I condemn them.

I commend the President for taking action to activate the National Guard when Gov. Evers failed to do so. President Trump displayed strong leadership by visiting Kenosha today and continues to fight to protect the people of our nation when Democrat politicians fail to do so.

Remember Julian Bradley…He’s back!

September 01, 2020 - 05:42

Remember the Republican activist, organizational leader, and two-time political candidate Julian Bradley formerly of La Crosse that moved to Louisiana? Well, he is back; back in Wisconsin anyway. He was recently in the news for winning the five-way primary to be the Republican nominee for State Senate District 28 with more than 40% of the vote. State Senate District 28 is the south east corner of the greater Milwaukee area. Welcome home to Wisconsin Julian!