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CouleeConservatives Day at the Loggers Game - July 2nd - Order Online NOW!

The La Crosse Loggers have graciously provided a special link for our group to purchase tickets for the July 2nd game:

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No More Education Establishment

It's time we take a conservative approach to education.

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Parents Have a Right to Be Angry

Supply shortages of infant formula are putting unimaginable burdens on parents. The severe shortage of infant formula appears to be a result of supply chain constraints and the shutdown of a major production facility in Michigan.

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Voting No on Radical Abortion Legislation This Week

Democrat elected officials and the radical left have proven they are the extremists on the profound moral issue of abortion.

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Unsustainable Spending Spree

Our country cannot continue to spend our way into prosperity. We are more than $30T in debt with another $169T in unfunded liabilities (Social Security, Medicare, etc). We have already mortgaged our children’s and grandchildren’s future.

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Is Evers the Most Radical Governor in Wisconsin History?

My sources in Madison tell me that Governor Evers is widely mocked throughout the capitol building - even by his Democrat allies.

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Why Won't Democrats Respect the Law?

Last week, a draft Supreme Court opinion was leaked to the media – one of the biggest scandals to ever hit the nation’s highest court.

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