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Consequences for Kind's Lies?

As a lifelong Wisconsinite, I feel a need to call attention to Representative Ron Kind’s continued partisan political games and failure to serve the people he was elected to represent in Washington.

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Mainstream Media's Abuse of Trust

It is sad, and a troubling reflection on the current state of mainstream media, that I find myself having to respond to yet another unwarranted hit piece by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and its Wisconsin affiliates.

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Getting Wisconsin Back to Work

The governor has finally connected the dots and acknowledged there is a workforce crisis in our state. Since his one-size-fits-all emergency order, employers have struggled for over a year to stay open and find workers.

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Police Oversight Survey Backfires on ‘Woke’ Cult - 7/17 UPDATE

The ‘woke’ cult experienced a devastating defeat in La Crosse County recently but you may never hear about it in any main stream outlets.

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Kind In Desparation

It brings a smile to my face when I consider how desperate Ron Kind and his Marxist-Democrat allies have become.

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Governor Signs Republican Budget

Republicans once again led the way on the biennial state budget. On Thursday, the governor signed the most conservative budget in a generation into law.

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The Fight Continues


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Should Rep Ron Kind be Investigated?

Less than two weeks ago the news was President Biden was coming to western Wisconsin to visit a dairy farm (or a dairy industry related location) for a political speech and, one would have to assume, a photo-op.

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