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Pro-Life Bills Move Forward

The package of pro-life legislation that my colleagues and I introduced last month had a hearing in the Assembly Committee on Health last week and will have a hearing in the Senate Committee on Health tomorrow.

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If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging

This week we learned that the federal government collected more in taxes this year than ever before. Tax revenues surged by 18 percent – the biggest year over year increase since 1977.

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Wisconsin Sporting Freedom

Republicans introduced a package of bills to increase and protect sporting freedom in Wisconsin. Legendary rocker and outdoorsman Ted Nugent visited the Capitol to help highlight the importance of the legislation.

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Protecting Life

Last week, I told you about legislation I authored, Assembly Bill 593 - A Woman's Right to Know. It is part of a broader package of pro-life bills that Republicans in the legislature are once again putting forward for consideration.

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Sick to my Stomach

Today I was notified by my employer that I have until November 8 to get vaccinated and use their digital passport to prove it. I love what I do. I am well compensated for my work.

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Diabolical Acts of Tyranny

Thanks to organizations like America First Legal Foundation, we now know that t

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Election Investigation Subpoenas

Last Friday, I announced that I signed the subpoenas Justice Michael Gableman was seeking to move ahead with his investigation.

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“Stop bullying ‘Big Vegetable’”” is a poor answer!

I recently read an endorsement in an e-newsletter for an opinion published in the Wisconsin State Journal concerning “..the new food labeling bills on the move in Madison.

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