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Legislature to Audit DEI Programs

The Joint Legislative Audit Committee approved a full audit of all DEI policies and how they are employed across state agencies this week.

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Elect Experience for National Republican Committee

Delegates to the Republican Party of Wisconsin’s (RPW) Annual Convention on May 18th in Appleton will be electing a man and a woman to Represent Wisconsin on the National Republican Committee (NRC).

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Baldwin wants to bring Gaza to Wisconsin

My Democrat opponent Tammy Baldwin just came out in full support of Joe Biden’s plan to allow Palestinian refugees from Gaza into the United States.

This plan is not only a bad idea, it’s a dangerous one!

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Brad Courtney for RNC Committeeman

The RNC Committeeman position is a role designed to keep the GOP leadership at the national level connected and engaged with the grassroots of the state GOP.

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Van Orden’s VETT Act Passes House

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Derrick Van Orden’s (WI-03) Veterans Education Transparency and Training (VETT) Act passed the House.

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Government Weaponization

The federal government is completely out of control. Unfortunately, most members of Congress are not interested in conducting oversight of the largest financial entity in the world.

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Only American Flags in the People’s House

Two weeks ago, following the House passage of the multi-billion dollar Ukraine aid package, a handful of Members waved Ukrainian flags on the U.S. House Floor. This is wholly unacceptable.

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Will Repbublican Factions Unite to Save America?

One of our anonymous article writers recently asked a very important question for voters to think about, “Do you hate Trump more than you Lov

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