Wisconsin’s 2022 Election Revisited?

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Wisconsin’s 2022 Election Revisited?

March 09, 2024 - 06:18
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Remember less than two years ago when the Republican nominee for Governor was a wealthy Wisconsin businessman that had lived for a considerable amount of time in Connecticut for “business reasons?” As a part owner of a mega-Wisconsin based business, he was there to manage business contracts in New York and southern New England. At one time or another, he had owned a mansion in Connecticut, a penthouse in Manhattan, and beachfront property in Florida. And, he had won a vicious three-candidate Wisconsin primary election for U.S. Senate in 2004.

He lost the 2022 election for Governor in part because the voters didn’t know if he was really from Wisconsin or if maybe he was from Connecticut. Some may have compared his situation to the Soldier or other Serviceman from Wisconsin that is stationed in another state or even overseas, but I think that comparison is pretty weak, as in “it doesn’t hold water.” Some may have even labeled him “Connecticut Tim”.

Now, less than two years later the Republicans seem to be lining up behind a similar candidate for the U.S. Senate. Eric Hovde is a nice and likable guy with strong Wisconsin ties, highly successful in banking and investments, but has questionable ties to California! This candidate even has previous Wisconsin state-wide campaign experience having lost the primary for U.S. Senate to former Governor Tommy Thompson in 2012.

Hovde has been singled out as the Wisconsin favorite of the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC). While this could be considered a plus, I am disappointed that the NRSC would pick a candidate before the people had a chance to speak in the primary. Maybe it is his money?

An on-line search revealed that Hovde’s main business is a $2.8 billion bank that he owns in Orange County, California; that he owns a multi-million dollar LaGuna Beach California mansion; and that he has been named one of the most influential people in Orange County on more than one occasion. This information was gleaned from a newsletter (found on-line) from the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. To be fair, Eric Hovde is an extremely successful real estate investor in his hometown of Madison, Wisconsin.

Hovde is one of a few announced Wisconsin Republican candidates for U.S. Senate. There is a list of those possible candidates that have said “No” and another list of potential candidates that have said neither “Yes”, “No’, nor even “Maybe”. There may be more candidates forthcoming. Remember Ron Johnson didn’t announce until late April or early May the first time he ran. Of the announced candidates, I would express grave doubts about many except Trempealeau County’s Stacey Klein. Klein is a financial advisor currently on the Trempealeau County Board, a wife and Mother. She already has been campaigning hard and would be a good choice in the primary.

Looking past the primary which Hovde is expected to win, Hovde is by far, even extremely far, better than the incumbent. For starters, Hovde has proven success in the private sector while the incumbent is a career politician having been first elected to office in 1986. She has been a legislator since 1992 -- first in Madison then since 1999 in Washington, D.C.

Our challenge as Conservatives is to get informed and get involved real soon before the primary season heats up. We need to assure the Republican Primary winner can and will beat the incumbent – preferably by a wide margin. If Hovde is the Republican nominee, we must communicate a strong message of “Hovde of Wisconsin” and not let the “Connecticut Tim” of 2022 become the “California Eric” of 2024. The Democrats are already talking – they didn’t need me to point this out!

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We must stop putting up the same old same-old candidates. We have a quality person who is grassroots, and hard on the campaign trail for many months already. Stacey Klien is a remarkable person, and offers a real challenge to Tammy Baldwin, if,,,,,,,,,, she can stay in the running against this high-profile person who can get lots of influence and money. We need to win this seat, Hovde offers little compared to Klien. We have a failed system when it comes to promoting early primary candidates, I am getting tired of upper-level state politics.

The bottom line is we need to win this seat, so whoever wins the primary we need to get that person elected, like it or not.

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