Will Repbublican Factions Unite to Save America?

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Will Repbublican Factions Unite to Save America?

April 29, 2024 - 11:46
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One of our anonymous article writers recently asked a very important question for voters to think about, “Do you hate Trump more than you Love America?”

That question isn’t just for Democrat voters to think about. There are many Republican voters who also say they hate Trump.

One of the reasons I chose to become a card carrying member of the GOP more than 20-years ago is because of the history of the Republican Party and its platform promoting individual Liberty. For those who are not familiar with history, the Republican Party was formed by Anti-Slavery activists (Abolitionists) to promote their political views in elections leading up to the Civil War. Republicans are the reason President Abraham Lincoln was elected to free the slaves and the GOP has always been the party of Freedom and Liberty and that is also one of our greatest disadvantages.

Because of our belief in individual Liberty we maintain several different perspectives within the Republican tent. There are Conservative Republicans, MAGA Republicans, RINO Republicans, Reagan Republicans, Romney Republicans, you name it and we have a place for your style of Republican thought in the GOP. As you can see in Congress today, those factions, unfortunately, tend to fight amongst themselves even more vigorously than they fight against the enemies of America in the Marxist/Democrat Party.

We have factions wasting time and resources to vacate the Speaker of the House in Congress, a faction to recall Vos in the State Assembly, factions sending out pamphlets about how dumb the GOP leaders are, a faction that loves the way the GOP is currently being led, factions insisting that elections are so corrupt that we might as well surrender them to the Democrats, and factions that want to surrender to the liberal media and sacrifice our party platform just to get re-elected.

So, my question to my fellow Republicans is this: Do you hate your fellow Republicans more than you love America?

I ask because your insistence on focusing your attention internally is going to help re-elect more Marxists in the Democrat ranks who will ensure the total destruction of our Republic.

Will MAGA Republicans, RINO Republicans and all Republicans unite around our shared principles to save America or are they going to remain fractured and selfishly let the country be destroyed?

Give that some thought and let me know what you think in the comments below.

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But I do think we can come together on the best option for America! If we can't work to get the best candidate that can be elected, we will wind up like the last time with a disastrous president. An example of this give and take is the Libertarians, 98 percent would vote for Trump if given the choice of Trump versus Biden, but many of them keep voting for someone who can not win. They may make their point, but that point is killing America, and they and others with Trump reservations need to make their point in another way, because time is limited to Make America Great Again, please Vote for Trump before our children find themselves in a third-world nation.

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