Who is Eric Toney?

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Who is Eric Toney?

September 17, 2022 - 07:59
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We’re not sure if you’ve heard, but there’s a pretty big election on the horizon. This coming November you’ll be responsible for electing Wisconsin’s top cop – our next attorney general. That’s why we’re reaching out to you.

Eric Toney is currently the Fond du Lac County District Attorney where he has a proven track record prosecuting heinous crimes such as homicide, sexual assault, domestic violence, drug trafficking, financial crimes, and racketeering. Eric keeps his community safe - and he’s running to restore the Department of Justice’s mission to fight crime, support law enforcement, protect families, and enforce the rule of law.

Born into a law enforcement family, Eric knows firsthand the dedication, sacrifice and commitment of the men and women who take an oath to serve and protect, as well as the sacrifices law enforcement family members make day in and day out.

As Fond du Lac County’s District Attorney, Eric has worked tirelessly with numerous community leaders to create programs such as Fond du Lac County’s first ever Drug Court to fight the opioid epidemic plaguing the county. He has led countywide law enforcement training for local law enforcement officers in Fond du Lac County. Eric has also consistently provided guidance to law enforcement on complex criminal investigations to help ensure his community remains safe.
Eric Toney supports Qualified Immunity for law enforcement.
Eric Toney supports improving our criminal justice system.
Eric Toney supports improving and defending Wisconsin’s election laws.
Eric Toney will rescind the devastating cuts the Attorney General has made to the DOJ's Criminal Litigation Department on his first day as Attorney General.
Eric Toney will support our State and Federal Constitutions, and he will oppose federal overreach by the Biden Administration.
Eric Toney will oppose red flag laws.
Eric Toney will support victims’ rights and prioritize the fight against human trafficking, internet crimes against children and opioid abuse.
Eric Toney will support curtailing unlawful administrative overreach.
You and I know that, with the way crime is going in Milwaukee, we can’t continue on this path. Change must happen, and that change will only happen if we elect Eric Toney as Wisconsin’s Attorney General this November.

Elect someone who will stand for a safer Wisconsin.
Elect someone who will Back the Badge.
Elect Eric Toney.

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This is not just one more republican, this is the person who will ensure justice for all, and stand for what is right. We have not had that for a long time.

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