Rep Ron Kind’s Leadership (or lack thereof)

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Rep Ron Kind’s Leadership (or lack thereof)

July 03, 2019 - 14:42
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There was campaign chatter in 2018 that Rep Ron Kind was an unknown and insignificant Congressman just like when he was a freshman Congressman twenty-plus years earlier. This comment was heard in comparison to his then opponent who, in a thirty-two year military career, rose from Army Private to Colonel with assignments of increasing responsibilities until his retirement as an Army Installation Commander.

Having never heard of “Chairman Kind” in reference to any House of Representatives Committee or subcommittee, I did a little research and could not find anything to dispel the comment. I did find that he was a Democratic Chief Deputy Whip in 2006 until the incoming Speaker of the House, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, called and asked him to resign which he did. At that point, it appears he was one of several Chief Deputy Whips but the only one asked to resign. (“Kind Loses Whip Place on New Team”, The Hill, Dec 17, 2006)

Of course, not being on Speaker Pelosi’s “most favored list” shouldn’t be held against him; unless it prevents his upward mobility to greater leadership opportunities or other significant accomplishments.

Over the last several Congressional Sessions, Rep Kind has been on the prestigious House Ways and Means Committee and a couple of the subcommittees. I have found no evidence of any chairmanship or other leadership responsibilities. To be fair, Rep Kind has actively participated in several caucuses within the House of Representatives and lists “Founder”, “Chairman”, or “Co-Chairman” for a dozen of them. And, I don’t ever remember seeing Rep Kind interviewed by the national television networks; either in a planned setting or stopped for an impromptu comment.

Maybe there is some validity to the comment that Rep Ron Kind is the same unknown and insignificant Congressman as he was when first elected more than two decades ago!

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Given that the Democrat Party was responsible for keeping slaves and forced our nation into a Civil War before they would stop slavery, why does Ron Kind continue to associate with such a racist organization?

What does Ron Kind think about his Democrat Party being taken over by radical socialists like AOC and anti-Semetic bigots like Omar?

What does Ron Kind have to say about his Democrat colleague from Florida who recently said she wants to prosecute anyone who dares to criticize a sitting member of Congress? Silence is acceptance...

There are only 200 Congressional committees so it's not like everyone can get to be Chairman of one.
Being named the most Bipartisanship Congressman(votes for almost equal # of left and right sponsored bills) is not an advantage for him to be rewarded by Pelosi with Chairmanship.
He has a great gig.
Hosts a great Annual Fall Corn Roast which is open to the public.
I and many Republicans have attended for many years and is a great opportunity to talk with the democrat politians who hold office in the 3rd District and State wide.

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