When is a debate not a debate?

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When is a debate not a debate?

October 08, 2022 - 08:51
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When is a debate not a debate?

When Leftist journalists do not even pretend to be unbiased when presenting their questions. The Senatorial Debate between SEN Ron Johnson and Lt Gov Mandela Barnes was a joke, and the moderator and so-called journalists should be ashamed [but they aren’t]. All the questions came from a Leftist political perspective. Often the questions took longer to read than the time the candidates had to answer. Then SEN Johnson was also stopped in mid answer because he was not answering the way the moderator wanted him to.

Here were the topics of the questions: legalizing marijuana, conditions for setting bail, immigration -- path to citizenship; social security; abortion Roe v. Wade; women's reproductive health; more gun legislation; electoral college reform – J6; Clean water; climate change; respect for marriage act; student loan forgiveness; racial wealth gap; Supreme Court reform and broadband. Guess you need to hear how the questions were asked. And YES, the first question was about legalizing the use of marijuana. Certainly, that is what most Americans are worried about. None of the questions were aimed at putting Mandela Barnes on the spot. There could have been questions about crime or letting violent criminals out of jail early or low bail and the Darryl Brooks/Waukesha parade massacre or high inflation and reckless spending or defund the police or even supporting the police or ??? Anything to balance the debate questions but that did not happen last night.

All-in-all SEN Johnson acquitted himself admirably. He took the shots that Barnes and the panelists took at him with grace.

Debate questions are getting worse and worse. Not sure why Republicans even enter into debates anymore. The biased mainstream media has again proven that they are the propaganda wing of the Democrat party.

So here is the link to the Wisconsin U.S. Senate debate 2022. Watch it if you dare but if you do make sure that you have a barf bag handy.

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I too was appalled at the debate. You are 100% right to ask whether Republicans should ever participate in these clown shows for Leftist-Woke Cultists. Where were the questions about inflation? That's a topic that affects every person in this state and in the nation. How are single moms supposed to put food on the table with grocery costs exploding out of this world? How are truck driver dads supposed to provide for their families with diesal costs skyrocketing?

Where were the questions about the disastrous economy? I personally have lost over $71,000 in my 401k retirement savings plan because of the disastrous Democrat policies. How many people have been forced to change their retirement plans because they can no longer afford to go without a paycheck? How many people are taking on second and third jobs in order to afford a living?

Where were the questions about how to stop the massive spike in crime that Democrat policies have created? Why is it that tens of millions of law-abiding citizens feel the need to buy firearms and get training?

Where was the question about why Democrats are lying to us every day and gas lighting us to believe that we're not seeing our nation be destroyed by an invasion of illegal immigrants and sex-slave trafficking? How many women and children are raped and murdered by cartel thugs on their way to the border? How many illegal immigrants have killed and raped American citizens once they arrive into a sanctuary city? How much tax money is getting re-allocated in order to support people who shouldn't even be here in the first place?

The so-called journalists on that panel should be deeply ashamed of themselves for failing the public. All they did was confirm their allegiance to Democrat's Woke Agenda.

I think Republicans debate because they are like me, and think the people need to hear the facts. The problem is when they start responding with facts they get interrupted or run out of time. There is one more huge problem, Ron Johnson is a gentleman, and he is polite and respectful. Those qualities are not found in modern politics and for sure not in the Democrat party.
I could not help but think that Barns had the questions ahead of time, he almost stumbled over his answers, with lots of vicious, racial, and derogatory comments about Ron Johnson's success in life. I have a comment of my own some will view as racist, but when I see a guy who worked his way to the top like Barns, I think of the people I know who were qualified, but did not move up because of "Affirmative Action"

One thing I would push back on is this: Our Republican senator did not acquit himself on the topic of decreasing the size of government. While he may have been hit with left-wing questions and Barnes was not hit with inflation/crime/etc. questions, both of the candidates want to spend more money and increase the Federal government to "fix" the problems they see in America. I will vote for Ron Johnson, but I don't like his bigger government policies anymore than I like Barnes all around.

That is a fair assessment and I would only add this: "politicians you agree with 90% of the time are your ally" Let's embrace and support them and not get caught in a disastrous trap of splitting hairs with our allies and 'purity tests' when our Constitution is at stake. In other words, when you are in a foxhole fighting for your life does it really matter if the soldier fighting next to you has a few flaws or do you want to work as a team to defend our position?

You are 100 percent right, and like I tell my libertarian friends, we must go with the one who is closest to our views. Your assessment of big government is very accurate, and I personally believe Ron Johnson would agree with you completely, but we need to concentrate on the massive bleed out happening at the moment.

The debate was entertaining to watch but the moderator was so biased it got frustrating after a while. I felt Johnson did a good job handling himself but because of the bias he did not get a chance to talk as much about the real issues of the day (Inflation, Crime) as he would of liked to. Barnes was bailed out by soft questions on democrat talking points. He would of got blown off the stage if there would of been more questions on crime and inflation.

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