Vote No on The Restrict Act

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Vote No on The Restrict Act

March 10, 2024 - 10:28
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I am learning about SB 686 -- The Restrict Act -- the so-called "Tiktok" Act. Remember the abuses of the Patriot Act that was passed to make us feel safe and secure? The Patriot Act was supposed to protect us against foreign agents wishing to do us harm but ended up being used against its citizens and to take down a duly elected President. The RESTRICT Act’s vague and overbroad language is a threat to a free and open internet.

This article helps explain my concerns about the vagueness of the language used in this bill and it does not take much imagination to see how our government could use this as an opportunity to use against its people. "Government interference in citizens’ use of a free and open internet is akin to the actions of authoritarian regimes, not a liberal democracy."

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What does this mean??? "No person may engage in any transaction or take any other action with intent to evade the provisions of this Act, or any regulation, order, direction, mitigation measure, prohibition, or other authorization or directive issued thereunder." Does it mean that I will no longer be able to use VPN or encryption to protect my privacy and secure my data?

"Unfortunately, as written, the RESTRICT Act is a vague, overbroad bill that would give the federal government nearly unrestrained power to monitor and target U.S. citizens on the internet."

For once, I actually agree with the ACLU -- "Under the proposal, the Secretary of Commerce would be granted new authority to prohibit people from using apps and products from companies “subject to the jurisdiction of China” and other “foreign adversaries.” This legislation comes on the heels of another bill aimed at banning TikTok that passed out of the House Foreign Affairs Committee last week. The ACLU condemned the bill, called the DATA Act, due to First Amendment concerns."

Pls take a hard look at this bill + vote NO.

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Doug, I do see TicToc as something that does not work in the best interest of America and I don't like it. I do like free enterprise, but not when it is destructive. I will do some more research on this and I am very glad you brought this to my attention. Thanks for the article.

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