Time for Atlas to Shrug?

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Time for Atlas to Shrug?

April 21, 2024 - 13:52
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I miss America.

The traditional American values that I grew up with have been murdered by the Democrat’s woke cultural revolution.

No longer do we celebrate ‘truth, Justice, and the American way’ but, instead, filth, vulgarity, and violence.

You can no longer be assured that you will receive ‘equal justice under the law.’ If you are a conservative Republican then you can expect activist prosecutors and judges will twist the law in ways to justify throwing you in prison for something as minor as trespassing while not even bothering to investigate Democrats who commit crimes like lying on gun background checks or stealing thousands of classified documents.

The cultural revolution that Democrats are waging against America reminds me of my history studies when I learned about Mao’s China. It was Mao Zedong who led the Chinese Communist Revolution and one of his strategies was to flip the Chinese culture away from their traditional values. Marxists like Mao and modern American Democrats understand that our traditional values: faith, Liberty, and family; are obstacles to them gaining total control over our lives. So they embrace cults like wokeism and climate worship to lie, cheat, and twist our culture away from those traditions. They belittle us and mock our faith and invent laws that make our faithful behaviors illegal. Instead of worshiping Jesus Christ they are trying to nudge us into worshiping their government bureaucracies and after many decades of these efforts they are winning. How else do you explain the popularity of ‘family friendly drag queen shows’ where parents are allowing their children to participate with sexual deviants? Where is Child Protective Services?

I title this article ‘Time for Atlas to Shrug?’ because I have been praying for many months about how we can possibly combat these woke revolutionaries who are destroying our culture. In the novel, ‘Atlas Shrugged,’ Ayn Rand describes a dystopian America where the government has infiltrated every aspect of society and the most productive, smartest, most creative people decide to simply stop participating and go on a general strike.

Industry experts disappear and let the incompetent government overseers take over. It doesn’t take long and shortages destroy the economy. Farmers across the land who were shipping their crops to the cities that control government policy keep their harvest and sell it locally. The cities are quickly starving and crime is rampant. Logistics experts in the transportation system quit and suddenly there are train accidents everywhere.

After praying about this for many months I have come to the conclusion that it is time for patriotic Americans to perform the same type of general strike. If these corrupt, woke revolutionaries continue with their efforts to destroy our traditional values then we must go on strike. After much prayer and consideration I have come to the realization that the most significant example of their corruption is the war they are waging against President Donald Trump.

They don’t care that tens of millions of Americans support President Trump.

They know that attacking him is interfering in the 2024 election cycle.

They are rigging the next election and shredding the checks and balances found within the Constitution.

Because these efforts are the most egregious due to their impact on our entire electoral system and risk dividing this nation more than it has ever been since the Civil War, I propose that if these corrupt government officials proceed with their lawless efforts against President Trump, then on the first day they bring him into a trial We the People go on general strike. The first trial is scheduled to begin the week of April 15.

On the first day of that trial in April just call in sick that day. If you are a barista then let people make their own coffee. If you are a banker then let people save their money under their pillow. If you are an IRS clerk then let Biden collect the taxes himself. If you are a computer technician then shut down your systems and let the entire economy crumble. Bidenomics!

CouleeConservatives.com believes in the 1st Amendment freedom of speech but in no way, shape, or manner encourages, supports, or tolerates violence or destruction of private or government property or other actions that might cause bodily injury. This call for a general strike is intended to be a peaceful way to protest.

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Remind us of the strike when the date approaches.

Kyle Seraphin put it straight and simple. “The country I grew up in would invade the country I live in now.”

So we were warned, but we were naive and passive and now it has hit us so hard that we will struggle to get back up. Constitutional people like me have watched this happen, and passively stood by and were quiet. America was polite and did not like to speak up when distasteful agendas forced this garbage down our throats.

We have a President that is so evil and sick, that when he can't get what his minions want, he just ridicules our Supreme Court, and then threatens to pack the Court with a bunch of non-Constitutional members who will vote against the Document that gave us the foundation that has led to the longest Republic/Democracy in World history.

The saddest part is that this is just a small part of this powerful and evil agenda. So when I read the EDITOR'S Quote. CouleeConservatives.com believes in the 1st Amendment freedom of speech but in no way, shape, or manner encourages, supports, or tolerates violence or destruction of private or government property or other actions that might cause bodily injury. I agree completely..... until they are threatening my life and my country, and I see this as an attack on America and our children. So I wonder if we can save America without a more aggressive response.

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