Thank You Wisconsin

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Thank You Wisconsin

November 11, 2022 - 20:52
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We made history in Wisconsin and it wouldn’t have been possible without you.

I am honored to be re-elected to the United States Senate and that truth prevailed against lies. I will continue to be a voice you can count on to fight for truth, fight for liberties and fight for our future.

This is just the beginning of our fight and I am so excited for what’s to come.

Thank you for standing with me. Thank you for supporting me. Thank you for being by my side. My promise to you is that I will always tell the truth and fight for you and your family and for this great nation.

Onward to a brighter, safer and more prosperous future!

All my thanks and deep gratitude.

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I have so much admiration for the Founders of America, and I put Ron Johnson right there with those Ameican Heroes. Ron Johnson could have gone home relaxed and spent time with his family, but no, he is willing and able to fight for our future, our children's future, and the stability of the world!

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