Steve Doyle has No Shame

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Steve Doyle has No Shame

November 11, 2022 - 13:31
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I write this message to you on Veteran's Day. A day that is deeply emotional for many people around the nation as we reach out to the greatest heroes in our lives and thank them for their service. I was absolutely appalled this afternoon to find in my email inbox this narcissistic message from Steve Doyle who can only talk about himself without any regard at all for veterans in our communities.


How hard would it have been to add a simple, "P.S. Happy Veteran's Day?" Instead, he completely disregards the military service of thousands of people in his district.

Remember this about Steve Doyle the next time he runs for any office. What a disgrace!

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He may not have known it was Veterans Day, he may not have a Callender! After all, you need to look at his history of not getting much done, his secretary did not let him know, you get the picture! It is simply not his fault, and the real shame is the does not know it.

My sources in Madison tell me that Doyle did not want to run again and he had to be infused with $500,000 by the Democrat Party to buy him into making the run.

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