Statement on the State of the Union

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Statement on the State of the Union

February 11, 2023 - 07:03
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Joe Biden’s attempted victory lap does not reflect the reality of the conditions that Americans are actually living under after two years of his administration. Everyday Americans are less prosperous, less safe, and less free due to his failed policies. This is reflected by the fact that over 70 percent of Americans think the country is on the wrong track.

Inflation is soaring, crime is surging, and the border is a sieve. 4.5 million illegal immigrants have been encountered on his watch, including over 200,000 last month alone.

Every American saw another glaring example of Biden’s strategic weakness when he allowed a Chinese Communist Party spy balloon to traverse the entire nation before the military shot it down. That was disgraceful.

Meanwhile, in one month, House Republicans have voted to defund Biden’s IRS army, defended America’s energy security, ended Biden’s COVID power grab, and reopened the People’s House.

The State of Biden’s Union is a nation that is less respected on the world stage.

I’ll work with anyone who puts the wellbeing of our country first, but Biden is going to have to start being honest with the American people.

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He stands up in front of America, and tells lies, with a straight face. The sad part is so many believe what he says, a few say he is naive, but he is good at convincing some people that he is good and the republicans are just evil and in his way.

Great summation by DVO, Derick is doing better than I expected, I am glad he is there!

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