Statement on Holmen School District President

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Statement on Holmen School District President

April 28, 2022 - 17:30
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Cheryl Hancock, newly elected president of the Holmen School Board and former Democrat candidate for the 94th Assembly District, recently admitted that she lied to the public with a fake Facebook account. Evidence suggests that this account was used to manipulate voters in the recent school board elections.

The behavior that Democrats like Cheryl participate in is shameful and she should resign immediately.

The taxpayers who live and work and pay the freight for her to sit in that seat have lost trust in her decision-making ability. If she is willing to lie about who she is online then what else is she hiding from taxpayers? She claims that her actions are her own but as president she represents the whole school district.

Every decision coming from the Holmen School District will be tainted with the stain of corruption and everyone will second guess whether future decisions are just another lie. To give Holmen School District a chance to begin the process of restoring trust, Cheryl must be removed from office. A resignation is the simplest solution but forced removal is on the table too. The children are watching to see if adults with important positions must follow the rules just like the rest of us.

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I looked up the word Deceitful, and found a picture of Cheryl. Dirty politics is rampant, but our children are far to important to allow it to cost us a a good education for our young people. Our children are counting on us.

Hancock resigned today, the first honorable thing she has done in a while. Good job community for holding her accountable.

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