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July 29, 2022 - 20:52
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My favorite parts of the day are when I get the chance to speak with fellow Wisconsinites. It’s amazing to connect with people, whether it’s bumping into them at a local cafe, Kwik Trip, or one of the many county fairs and festivals across Wisconsin, I am always glad to stop and chat.

Lately, these conversations have revolved around concerns over open borders and inflation. Biden doesn’t seem to care that he is putting our communities at risk every day by refusing to lead on these issues that are hurting hard-working American families. I am doing everything I possibly can to right this ship but with a Democrat controlled Senate, my hands are tied…

And I’ll be frank, if I lose my re-election campaign, Republicans lose any chance of regaining the majority.

This means losing in Wisconsin would blow the doors open for Biden’s Radical Allies to continue to force our country down a terrible path.

I have had over $40M spent against me this cycle and that number will only keep growing.

If we want any chance of protecting our communities, families, and children, we need Biden to be held accountable for the damage he’s done to our precious nation. If you’re all in, please chip in ASAP.

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This is critical that we reelect Ron Johnson, there can be no stone left unturned in this race. This will get as dirty as any political race in history, democrats and their agenda have no honor. They will continue to make up lies and distort anything they can to reach ignorant voters.

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