Ron Kind Violated his Oath of Office

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Ron Kind Violated his Oath of Office

March 09, 2021 - 05:06
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Everyone in Congress must take an oath of office that includes a promise to uphold the Constitution of the United States. With his ‘yea’ vote on H.R. 1 Ron Kind has violated that oath by supporting legislation that is a direct violation of the constitution where it clearly gives states the authority to conduct elections. Not the federal government. This legislation pretends that Congress has the authority to force states to conduct elections in a manner that congressmen want. They DO NOT have that authority. The Constitution clearly gives election authority to the states and to the people.

Ron Kind must resign immediately. If he cannot keep his promise to uphold the United States Constitution then there is no telling what other diabolical behavior he may be capable of performing.

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He is despicable, lies to your face with a smile and commands a very good salary. I remain in shock at what horrendous world leaders have done to humanity, so I guess Ron Kind has mastered evil in his career.

Just voting for the Covid Bill, put him on my list of Child molesters in my book, there is little that will harm my grand children as much as the debt he has passed on to them.

I am also sick that Ron Kind is running ads on television saying how wonderful he is. Wonderful people don't have to tell us they are wonderful, we know the truth. He might be violating some more election laws, this is campaigning, and while I don't know what for, I can tell you it is not good.

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