Restoring Function and Fiscal Sanity

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Restoring Function and Fiscal Sanity

November 19, 2022 - 08:13
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The Wall Street Journal published my op-ed outlining the steps Republicans must take to restore function and fiscal sanity to Congress.

The American people won't settle for business-as-usual. We must adopt an official legislative agenda that prioritizes:

  • securing our border
  • regaining energy independence
  • restoring fiscal sanity
  • easing the regulatory burden
  • ensuring a competitive tax environment

Conservatives understand the peril the country is in. They know how difficult it will be for Republicans to work with the socialist ideologues who set the Democratic Party's agenda. But that sympathy will have its limits, particularly if Republicans return to business as usual. We simply can't let that happen.

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We have some simple goals, no one could object to, I think?
Securing our border
Regaining energy independence
Restoring fiscal sanity
Easing the regulatory burden
Ensuring a competitive tax environment

The people who stand in the way of these goals used to be a tiny minority of misguided fools, nowadays they are misguided fools, and there are many. We need to question why we have people in Congress who will not support simple things needed to help America thrive and survive.

America has democrats who promote the abuse of hard-working successful people, this must stop because if we break the spirit of those industrious citizens, we lose our contributing tax base, and the lazy and uncreative people won't have anyone to leech off of.

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