Restoring American Liberty Immediately (RALI Cry)

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Restoring American Liberty Immediately (RALI Cry)

July 06, 2024 - 12:08
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Last year our team surveyed Coulee Conservatives to get an understanding of what is on people’s minds. We are a group of professional problem solvers and the first step in solving any problem is to fully understand it. After several weeks of deliberating over the results, we synthesized it down to four major themes that we are calling: The Four E’s

  1. Election Integrity
  2. Ethics in Government
  3. Economy
  4. Education

We recognize that there are other important issues that keep people up at night here in the Coulee Region but we feel that The Four E’s are excellent choices to start building solutions for and we will add to this list when we get the results of the new 2024 survey.

How, exactly, do we solve these problems?

In my day job, I am a computer nerd and spent more than 25 years working in various corporate IT offices including 10-years at IBM which I recently left in order to come to work for a Second Amendment company to help lead their software engineers. I only mention that to help you understand where I’m coming from and provide some evidence to convince you that I am experienced at facing difficult challenges head on and coming up with solutions.

The Four E’s do not have easy answers but they are important enough for us to work on solving. Recognizing the daunting nature of these problems, our team of generous volunteers designed an elegant system for this process. We call our system: Restoring American Liberty Immediately (RALI Cry).

The RALI Cry system is designed to bring patriotic Americans together and team up in order to harness the power of all our thinking abilities and experiences in order to brainstorm actionable methods for addressing the Four E’s (or any other big issues that may come up in the future).

It is really important to note here that this system is not designed to build consensus or force everyone into 100% agreement on anything. That would be impossible and, frankly, a waste of time. We are all individuals blessed by our Father in Heaven with our own minds, experiences, and desires. The RALI Cry system is designed to facilitate groups of patriotic Americans to share their perspectives in a constructive manner that will aid in getting us all aligned in one direction to create a better future.

If we have any chance of Restoring American Liberty Immediately then we must all row in the same direction toward that future even though we are in different boats.

Stay tuned to in the coming weeks to learn more about this system. We learned a lot from our beta program earlier this Winter and now we are preparing a virtual option to begin to spread the message even further.

Our weekly emails are the best way to subscribe and you can also join us on Facebook to stay in the know about our efforts.

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“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children's children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.”
― Ronald Reagan

So if you are still reading, the next thing you need to understand is that 90 percent of Americans, don't know the extent of our Freedom, we simply "take it for granted"

Take for granted definition

Fail to properly appreciate (someone or something), especially as a result of overfamiliarity.
"the comforts that people take for granted"

Nowhere in the entire world is it like what we have, nowhere!

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