Remembering the Kenosha Riots

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Remembering the Kenosha Riots

August 24, 2021 - 04:49
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This week marks the first anniversary of the riots that left Kenosha in ashes.

Fifty businesses were destroyed or damaged. Fires burned while lifetimes of hard work and livelihoods went up in flames. After Governor Evers blamed the police and picked sides, law enforcement requested the governor stop making statements that fuel the protests and make things worse.

And yet, Governor Tony Evers was slow to act. It took him days to declare a state of emergency. When President Trump rightly offered the governor federal assistance to help regain control, Governor Evers turned him down. That same night, two people died.

The top priority of public officials is to keep the public safe. Leaders need to support our law enforcement and the job they do to protect law and order. When Wisconsin needed a leader, Governor Evers failed.

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Governor Evers made this comment our state law enforcement officers during these "riots"
Most of you may not know that the Governor ordered state law enforcement officers from all over the state, to come and help. If you know an officer ask him if they had been asked!

He told state law enforcement that they could not use or wear "riot gear" because Wisconsin did not want to intimidate rioters. That might be OK, if they were peaceful protesters, but they were out of control thugs, with ruthless goal of causing damage and theft.

Law enforcement is given a very difficult job, it is time we give them the respect they deserve. We need to understand that they are human, and they may not always have the best outcome on some situations, but they provide a immeasurable service most of the time, and should be judged on that basis.

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