Preparing Candidates, Activists, and Elected Leaders

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Preparing Candidates, Activists, and Elected Leaders

November 19, 2022 - 09:05
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I am proud and happy to announce my return to the 1848 Project! My love for this state is steadfast, and I remain 100% committed to seeing Wisconsin succeed. Our state can only do that, though, with solid conservative leadership from the ground up. That’s why, in addition to my return to the 1848 Project as its president, I am committing our organization to the recruitment, training, and continuing education of local candidates.

We have seen county health departments abuse their power and shut down small businesses while county boards look the other way. We’ve seen school boards adopt policies that shut parents out of their own children’s education. We’ve seen municipal governments trample private property owners’ rights, and we’ve seen Liberals run unopposed in State Assembly and State Senate districts that should give neighbors real choices.

All of these threats to individual rights and fiscal conservatism can be stopped…but we need an army of prepared conservatives to come to the fight. That’s why I will use our knowledge, our network, and our resources to identify great candidates, prepare them for intellectual battle, and assure that- once elected- they have the tools and access to the next policy breakthroughs to make Wisconsin awesome.

Please consider joining me. If you want to run for local office, respond to this letter and tell me. We want to help. If you know someone we should help, respond to this email and share the contact. Or if you have experience that you would be willing to share, tell me you’ll join our group of mentors to encourage and keep our candidates accountable.

I want to hear from you. We have waves to make…so get ready to make a difference. I’m glad to be back.

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Thank you Rebecca, we also need to stop the mindless voters who have no idea who they voted for, just that they voted to promote the abortion of our young children.

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